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Tokyo and its Surroundings

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© Akihabara


Akihabara is therefore the electronics district. You can find everything there and in all genres. New, second-hand, rental, recovery, equipment for amateurs or professionals, inexpensive, very expensive and in any case a lot of amazing things. Impossible to count the number of computer, audio, video, GPS, photography and other stores that are in the neighborhood. Between the small stalls and the giant stores of several floors one is sure to find everything which touches near or by far to the electronics.



Manga and video games are as important a place in Akihabara as electronics. You only have to see the giant posters that line the walls of the buildings, they almost all represent characters from manga and anime. We also find new or used manga here and in all genres. Similar with video games, you can find lots of old games and of course old consoles for a bite of bread.
On top of that add a good bunch of game centers, these multi-story buildings that contain arcade machines. And inside expect to see games you have never seen elsewhere and players like you will never see elsewhere.



Perhaps even more than electronics what we find in Akiba are goodies from anime and video games as well as an impressive quantity of collectible figurines, most of the time of a bluffing quality. Once again we find something for all tastes and for all budgets. Fans of manga, video games or even cinema will be in heaven. The others will surely find the souvenir or the exceptional gift that will please.



Akiba is also the district where there are a multitude of erotic shops, often which rise over several floors. Contrary to what one might think, the atmosphere is quite pleasant there and you are sure to have a good time inside because there too the Japanese are quite extreme. In short, Akihabara is also the district of sex toys and DVD SM.



You can also see quite a few other interesting shops in Akiba dedicated to all kinds of hobbies. We can cite for example stores dedicated to airsoft, or “survival game” in Japan, or those dedicated to model making.



Another specialty of Akihabara. Nowhere else will you see so many maid cafes, those cafes where waitresses come to serve you dressed as maids and calling you “master”. On the same theme, we can also see completely offbeat things like “maid opticians” with girls dressed as maids who sell you glasses or even “maid ear cleaning”… with girls who clean your ears.

In other genres there are a whole bunch of themed establishments like the Gundam café, the Linux café or even the Neko café where you can play with cats inside.



Even if you hate electronics, hate video games and have never opened a manga, Akihabara remains a must-see in Tokyo. You should at least come and see the district for its futuristic architecture and its energized atmosphere, and why not go into the stores at the risk of coming out with your arms loaded with packages.

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