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© LOLLIPOP CORNER is made up of a small motivated team that works constantly  to give you the best possible user experience.

Recurring updates, improved ergonomics, more and more services and an even greater social experience.

If you are a fan of manga and its universe, and wish to participate in the life of the site, then do not hesitate to contact us!

No specific knowledge required, just passion and motivation!

Among other things, you can manage a particular service, improve it or create a new one. Simply give us ideas, opinions, or collaborate with us on

  Youtube, Facebook, Instagram ...

Also, you can help us economically and contribute to the financing of more complex, longer and more resource-intensive projects (external software, specific hardware, subcontracting ...) ↓ 

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Photoshop is computer-assisted retouching, processing, and drawing software.

Published by Adobe, it is mainly used for processing digital photographs.

He works mainly on raster images because the images are made up of a grid of points called pixels.

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