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Tokyo and its Surroundings

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© Enoshima

Enoshima is a small island located near Kamakura and connected to the city of Fujisawa by a bridge of a few hundred meters. On this small pebble, we move on foot. You can cross the island in a few tens of minutes. On the way there are temples, seafood restaurants and craft shops. Besides a few rare tourists, there are surfers and a large number of stray cats.

At the foot of the island, once the bridge is crossed, there is a port, a few car parks and a multitude of souvenir shops or local specialties (seafood etc.). It is a great place to find typically Japanese souvenirs, original and not too expensive ... even if, like everywhere in Japan, some products can reach astronomical sums like seashells at 1,500 €.

At the top of the small shopping street is a first temple, then a second, and yet another, and so on until you have crossed the island right through. The main temple is dedicated to the lucky deity Benten who is said to have fought and defeated the dragons. Dragons who are represented all over the island, from towering statues to mosaics on the floor to the taps in the toilets.

Other activities, in addition to tasting seafood and exploring temples are possible in Enoshima, such as crab fishing or a pleasure boat ride. Near the island there is also an aquarium and other temples. In summer, from the beach you can attend superb fireworks, it seems.

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