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Tokyo and its Surroundings

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© Ginza

Ginza has always been an important district in Japan. This is where the country's first paved roads were built and the first tram ran. Twice, in the 19th and the 20th century the streets were completely destroyed by fire and then by an earthquake and completely rebuilt. Today Ginza is synonymous with luxury and quality. Many Japanese products or establishments also bear the name or the mention “Ginza” as one would find the name “Paris” under the brand of a French cosmetic product.

The district is quite lively during the week but it is the weekends that the walkers are the most numerous. We can really speak of walkers because, on Saturdays and Sunday afternoons, the main street is closed to traffic and turns into a huge pedestrian street. When the weather is nice, coffee tables are set up in the middle of the road and mini-shows or events bring the neighborhood to life.

But Ginza is not only a big street, there are a multitude of interesting places and not always very expensive. Some restaurants or izakaya are even cheaper in the back streets of Ginza than elsewhere in the capital. You can also have fun for free by visiting the Sony or Apple Showrooms.


The Sony Building is a multi-story building where all the latest Sony products are displayed, it's a bit of a giant storefront. Admission is free and you can test the products there, and buy some of them. Products are regularly presented exclusively at the Sony Building and we were able, for example, to test before their official release the PS3 or even walkman headsets which eliminate background noise as well as HD camcorders, Blu-ray discs and more recently the 3d. So we can come back regularly because the products evolve quite quickly.


A bit like for Sony and the Sony Building, here we find all the latest products from the Apple brand, we can test them and of course buy them because it is a store above all. Fans of I-pod, I-book, I-Phone, I-Pad and other I-stuff will be delighted.
Don't expect anything to take your breath away; the store is not very big even if it has four floors and we already know all the products presented. Quite a few good points, however, such as free internet access on a good dozen PCs on the top floor, a small “theater” in which new software is presented every hour that runs on the Mac (very comfortable room, excellent for improving sound). Japanese in IT). There is also a small space for children, contests with Apple products to be won, an all-glass elevator and pretty sales assistants… Must see if you are in the area.


Among other interesting places in Ginza note the presence of the Kabuki Theater (Kabuki-za) where you can attend performances of traditional Japanese theater. While strolling in the district you can also come across various themed shopping centers such as the one dedicated to Japanese culinary specialties or the one devoted to antiques (Ginza Antique Mall). Ginza also has a great selection of unique themed restaurants.

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