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Tokyo and its Surroundings

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Kamakura is surely the most important historical place in Tokyo Bay. From 1185 to 1333 Kamakura was the capital of Japan. Today it is one of the most important tourist centers in the country with nearly a hundred temples and shrines.

Kamakura cannot be visited in two or three hours, you have to go there at least a full day to see the most interesting places of the city which are scattered in the hills, sometimes several tens of minutes from each other. . In fact the visit of Kamakura results in a walk in nature or in small streets with stops at the various temples encountered on the way (and at the cold drink distributors too).

Among the most popular places are the Big Buddha or Daibutsu and the bamboo forest, there is also in the mountain a famous fountain in which washing money and then keeping it will bring you wealth.

The Big Buddha is the most famous monument in Kamakura, it is the 2nd largest Buddha in Japan
Although most of the temples and shrines are free to access, there is a charge for visiting the Big Buddha. Being the most visited place in the city, you have to arrive very early in the morning or just before closing if you want to enjoy the tranquility of the place which is accompanied by a very beautiful light for the photo. Other places are also very interesting to visit after dark, just before the doors of the sanctuaries close. The temples illuminated and deserted by tourists then offer a whole different spectacle.

The temples are not the only attraction in Kamakura. The city is located by the sea bordered by a long beach. People come here to surf during the day and party at night. In the morning, the spectacle of the sun rising on the beach is astonishing. At an hour and a half or two hours of walking, along the beach, we arrive at the island of Enoshima very interesting to discover. Not far from the sea you can also choose to follow some mountain trails that take you from one point of view to another. The huge Kamakura cemetery is also an interesting place to visit.

Kamakura is appreciated at different times of the day but also in different seasons. So the winter landscape will have little in common with the summer landscape, and the fall and spring colors will be as different as they are beautiful.

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