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Tokyo and its Surroundings

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© Kappabashi

Kappabashi Avenue is an exceptional street dedicated to cooking and catering. Here there are around 160 stores for professionals and individuals that follow one another over several hundred meters and touch everything that touches the kitchen directly or indirectly.

One can buy in Kappabashi as well gas stoves for restaurants as crockery or decorative objects. There is something for everyone. Even though a few foreigners venture here on foot from Asakusa the street is not really a touristy street and this is what makes it possible to find quality objects at a fair price.

Tourists will be especially impressed by the cutlery which sells hand-made knives which are surely the best in the world, and also by the star product of the corner which are the replicas of plastic dishes that can be seen everywhere in the shop windows. many restaurants in Japan that you can buy here if you are willing to take out your wallet.

The tableware also comes at a very low price and the choice is very large, and anything related to tableware or kitchen implements can be found nearby as well. More original, we can fall for material originally reserved for professionals such as signs written in Japanese or these red lanterns that can be seen in front of Japanese bars and which will do very well in your garden in summer.

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