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Tokyo and its Surroundings

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© Nagasaki

Capital of the Nagasaki prefecture on the island of Kyushu, the city of Nagasaki is infamous following the explosion on August 9, 1945 of one of the two atomic bombs which struck Japan, killing 35,000 in this city.

The city's memorial (Nagasaki atomic bomb museum) is a must-see that allows you to really reflect on the past.
But beyond its tragic past, the city of Nagasaki offers plenty of entertainment and dining.


Gunkanjima is an island near Nagasaki that used to be home to a mine and plenty of housing for the people who worked there. It has been totally abandoned, and all that remains is this surreal-looking island, deserted and in ruins. A boat makes the junction between Nagasaki and the island, but does not always stop there if the waves are too strong.
The museum allows you to visit the island via a virtual reality device. The dwellings in which the inhabitants of the island lived have also been reproduced in the museum.



Nagasaki also has its own China Town which is worth a visit.



Deijima is an artificial island created in 1641 in Nagasaki Bay, so that it serves as a base for the commerce of the Dutch and in which they were confined.
Now you can visit it and observe Dutch constructions and discover this other part of the history of Nagasaki.



A museum with a very well done scenography that allows us to immerse ourselves in this tragic part of history and to think better about it. An engaging experience that everyone should have once in their life.



Pure is a very famous yakiniku (grilled meat) restaurant. Nagasaki meat is indeed renowned for being one of the best meats in Japan, some would say the best.
The meat melts in your mouth while being tasty, a real treat!

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