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Tokyo and its Surroundings

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© Ochanomizu

Ochanomizu is the Tokyo district devoted to music and sports. There are a multitude of stores focused on these two themes.

The music

Some of the finest and largest music stores in the world can be seen in Ochanomizu. There are stores for all types of instruments selling both new and used. But it's undoubtedly the guitar that is the king of the neighborhood. Guitar shops on several floors stand side by side and compete to offer ever more models in an ever wider price range. We are impressed by the huge choice and by the exceptional models on display. Between the incredible choice, models sold only in Japan, and very attractive prices guitarists will be here in paradise.

The sport

Similar to music, Ochanomizu has a concentration of sports shops. It is especially outdoor sports that are in the spotlight with snowboarding first, then surfing and hiking. For lovers of this kind of sport, the district is a must-see. In summer, prices are often slashed and even if it is not always practical to bring a snowboard in your suitcases, you can easily let go of the accessories.

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