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Tokyo and its Surroundings

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© Odaiba

Built on an artificial island Odaiba is a huge recreational space with a futuristic look. People come there to walk, have fun or go shopping. There are many shopping malls, theme parks, museums, exhibition centers, cinemas and a whole host of other entertainment options.

Fuji TV

The building of Fuji TV, a large private Japanese national channel, is the most famous building on the island. Its futuristic and imposing design stands out from afar and symbolizes the modernity and exceptional appearance of Odaiba. You can visit the building, there are a few shops and an observatory.

Access to the observatory: ¥ 500.

Decks and Aquacity

Two large shopping centers located along the coast. In addition to many themed shops there is a cinema, the Sony showroom, the Muscle Park, and Joypolis (an indoor amusement park of Sega).

Access to Joypolis: ¥ 500 and paid attractions.


Tokyo Big Sight

Japan's largest exhibition center is located nearby. This is where the  Komike  twice a year where you can see great cosplays.


Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. Museum devoted in particular to robotics and the exploration of space.

Entrance fee: ¥ 500.

Maritime science museum

Housed in a building shaped like a cruise ship, the museum exhibits past and future maritime expeditions.

Closed in 2016.

Entrance fee: ¥ 700 to ¥ 1000.

Oedo Onsen Monogatari

A park dedicated to onsen. You can bathe in various hot springs and enjoy massages, foot baths or old Japanese games.

Entrance fees vary by hour between ¥ 1,500 and ¥ 3,000 (attractions other than the onsen are not included).

Palette Town

Palette Town is a large recreational park. Here are located the showrooms of Panasonic and Toyota (Mega Web) as well as the Odaiba Ferris wheel. There are also various shopping centers here, including Venus Fort, an 18th century style 3-storey shopping center.

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