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Valorant Weapon JETT Kunai With Pattern 17cm Game Peripheral Blunt Knife Cosplay

Valorant Weapon JETT Kunai With Pattern 17cm Game Peripheral Blunt Knife Cosplay

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Brand Name: NoEnName_Null
Item Type: Model
Recommend Age: 18+
Recommend Age: 14+y
Origin: Mainland China
Gender: Unisex
Warning: This product is a metal decoration, please do not use for physical use
Puppets Type: Model
Dimensions: 17cm
Scale: 1/48
Remote Control: No
Certification: CE
By Animation Source: Western Animiation
Condition: In-Stock Items
Soldier Accessories: SOLDIER SET
Soldier Accessories: Soldier Parts and Components
Mfg Series Number: Model
Version Type: First Edition
Commodity Attribute: Peripherals
Model Number: Valorant Weapon JETT Kunai with Pattern 17cm
Completion Degree: Finished Goods
Theme: Movie & TV
Material: Metal
Original Package: YES
Design: Toy Sword weapon category1:1
product properties: Weapons,Kunai model,1:1
Shipping Location: Mainland China
Game or anime source: Valorant weapon
Related games: genshin,god of war,apex legends,Demon Slayer,Hongkai:star rail
package: Blister cardboard
Applicable scenarios: Brithday or festival gifts,cosplay toys
Purchase method: Single piece / wholesal
Product postage: Free shipping
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safe or not: uncut blade weapon model


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