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Tokyo and its Surroundings

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© Shibuya

In Tokyo, there are two large neighborhoods known to belong to young people. These are the neighboring districts of Harajuku and Shibuya. However, these two neighborhoods are not similar, quite the contrary. Harajuku is mostly frequented by young people with a rebellious and anti-conformist tendency; you can find gothics and musicians there, for example, and you shop in small shops. Shibuya, on the other hand, is the fashion mecca, there are more brands, supermarkets, clothes that we see in magazines. The area is quite expensive but is very popular with a huge number of young Japanese people.

It is here that one can see the famous Shibuya 901 tower in which thousands of young girls in mini-skirts with false nails come to buy clothes and make-up in this mall dedicated to them. Shopping center that many would call a center of bad taste. Recently the Shibuya 901 Boys Tower opened its doors on the opposite sidewalk, as its name does not suggest, it is devoted to both female and male clothing and accessories.

It is in this area that most of the city's trendy stores and trendy cafes can be found. There are also cinemas, theaters, karaoke and other game rooms. If you don't like to be walked on, avoid going there on weekends, some stores are so crowded you can barely walk through them. Unlike Harajuku, Shibuya doesn't stop living in the evening. Bars, restaurants and clubs are quite numerous there, which makes it one of the most popular nightlife spots in Tokyo.

Besides shopping and nightlife, not much to do in Shibuya. Near the station, you can see the famous statue of the dog Hachiko. It is also here that one of the most famous crossroads in the world is located with its zebra crossings which pour an impressive tide of pedestrians every time the lights turn green.

In Shibuya, a little further from the busy streets is Dogenzaka, one of the most famous places in Japan for its Love hotels and also for the prostitution of young Japanese women.

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