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Tokyo and its Surroundings

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© Sugamo

Unlike Harajuku which is the youth district, Sugamo is the old quarter, let's not be afraid of words. The main attraction is Jizō-dōri Street (地 蔵 通 り) which stretches for almost a kilometer, a large shopping alley full of small shops, mostly for seniors. Here we discover a Tokyo very different from the image we have of it, at a slow pace. No shopping centers but small craft stores or hat makers, no fast food restaurants but small restaurants with a dozen seats.

Near the train station, and further down the shopping street, there are two small Buddhist temples. People come to pray, burn incense or wash a small statue, which will calm your pain where you rub. As always, there are a few small souvenir stalls or various charms as well as kebab or takoyaki stands.

Not far away is also a large park (Rikugien), in which you can walk around a pond and observe ducks and turtles. In some buildings you can also discover the tea ceremony (chadô).

You will understand Sugamo is a quiet place where it is good to take your time. We go there as a couple or with friends to relax and eat in a good restaurant, to see a different Tokyo.

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