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Tokyo and its Surroundings

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© Ueno

Ueno is one of the family neighborhoods of the city, people come there on weekends to spend time with their children or friends. As some neighborhoods like Roppongi or Shibuya aren't popular with everyone, it's hard not to like Ueno.

Ueno is first and foremost a large park, Ueno Park, which is the largest and one of the oldest in the city. It is home to the city's most famous museums such as the Tokyo National Museum (東京 国立 博物館), the National Science Museum (国立 科学 博物館) or the House of Culture which organizes free exhibitions, as well as some temples dating from the Edo era.

In the heart of the park is also the oldest zoological garden in Japan, opened in 1882. You can see many species of animals including the famous pandas, emblem of the zoo. Entrance is a five-minute walk from Ueno train station, and costs ¥ 600 for an adult.

Ueno Park is extremely visited during the Hanami season, understand the week during which we come to admire and picnic under the cherry blossoms. Some stay from morning until evening to make sure they have a special place when the sun goes down and the lanterns light up to light up the pink flowers of the trees.

Also worth seeing, not far from the train station, is a huge half-covered market where thousands of people jostle as soon as it opens. There are many golf accessories stores alongside fish stalls, you can find everything. In front of the station also stands the large Yamashiroya toy store, it does not occupy a very large area but rises over seven floors. On each floor you will find a different universe, the puzzles and Gashapon in the basement, the Gundams on the 6th, the Totoro, Princess Mononoke goodies or other films from the universe of Miyazaki on the 3rd.

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